Start Here

Do you know that there is a way to both make an impact and make a living?  Well, you have arrived at the right place.  I believe the same, and my life's work is to help others design a unique way in which they can do it also.

We find significance first in our spiritual anchors.  When we lack them, we make up for that in ways that result in arrogance or hopelessness.  But when our sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves is solid, we are able to give more of ourselves and endure the difficulties of the journey with more grace.  We know we are not alone.

The next step is to know that we live lives that are worth living.  There is something unique about each person on the planet, a reason why their talents should be shared with the world.  Finding purpose compliments our sense of significance.  Our individual contributions matter.

And then we just gotta make ish happen.  We think of doing something big, some dream of becoming famous.  Yet life's greatest accomplishments are composed of small choices.  Finding the cure for an illness looks like many individual days of walking into the lab, single tiny test tubes and microscopes.  Creating technology that brings clean drinking water to a village and saves 50,000 people's lives does not start with the day of celebration.  It starts with a nagging question in our minds: What can I do to fix this one small problem?

This is my invitation to you - that you do work worth doing.  If that is what you are searching for, then nice to meet you.

Francesca Escoto