Coach, Trainer, And Speaker

I believe in creating a life worth living, and doing work worth doing.  Entrepreneurs of color have the unique opportunity to blend life purpose with the daily work of their hands and minds, empowering them to make substantial contributions to the world they live in.  Wether you are a tech startup founder or an organization that serves this community, I get up every morning to work with people like you!

As a certified professional coach, I bring a multitude of skills to my private and group sessions, focused on maximizing your productivity and accomplishments.  As a master trainer and facilitator, I create programs and curriculum that are challenging, insightful, and empowering, all based on Lean Startup concepts, Six Sigma, situational leadership, adult learning theory, and my own content.  As a keynote speaker for your next event, I can guarantee your audience will leave inspired, challenged, and motivated to live a life worth living and do work worth doing. My topics range from tech for social good, to leveraging fear in times of uncertainty. You can find more details on all of my services, past clients, and their testimonials here.

About Me

Most days I am full of life, joyful, loving and very energetic. I value diversity and the empowerment of marginalized groups through entrepreneurship.  I believe economic development happens through small businesses, and I am committed to running one, and helping others do the same.  Entrepreneurship in communities of color is a political act, it shifts attitudes and fuels self-sufficiency.  More entrepreneurs in our neighborhoods means ownership, wealth, advocacy, legacy.

I have an engineering degree from WPI, started a master degree in IT and quit right on time before I lost my sanity.  Having three girls is the most amazing thing my body has ever done, and I actually like my kids: If I was their age, I would be hanging out with them.   My first business was software that tracked the performance of aircraft engines.  Since then, while mothering, I became a self-taught web developer, ran different small businesses, and wrote my first book.  Eventually, after doing strategic planning for a few years, I decided to formalize my coaching practice and become a certified professional coach.  Best decision ever!

Currently, I am working on two books – The Business of Social Change, and The Six Phases of Business Development.  Both titles will be available by the end of 2017.

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